Lawn Care and maintenance – Tips to keep it green

The lawn is the largest area of the landscape, and a lush, green lawn creates the perfect canvas for planting other plants, such as shrubs, ornamental trees and plants and flowerbeds as well as other landscape features. With the proper care, you can keep the lawn turf in Nanaimo green and healthy. Best Self Propelled lawn mower 2017 ( PickBestLawnMower  ) reviews, check it out.

Before a person can keep the lawn green, he or she needs to know what makes the lawn green, how to effectively do Lawn Care and maintenance. Green, healthy grass gets its deep, green color from chlorophyll that is produce by each blade of grass. When the lawn is a good green color, it means the grass is getting all the nutrients, moisture and oxygen it necessary for vigorous growth. The taller and thicker the grass grows, the greener it appears.

lawn care and tips


Proper mowing is important if a gardener wishes to have green grass. Longer grass appear greener, because it can hide thin spots and reduces some weeds due to shading. Longer grass blades also use nutrients more efficiently, which results in a healthier lawn. The mower cutting height should be set to 2 to 3 inches. Cutting the lawn too short promotes shallow root development. This reduces a lawn’s ability to resist damage from foot traffic, dry spells and also increase the amount of thatch on the lawn.

Thatch is a layer of dead grass plant crowns and surface roots that can pile up at the soil surface under the turf. While a small amount of thatch, one-half inch or less, is good for the lawn and acts as a natural mulch, a layer thicker than this amount can harbor disease and cause other problems for the lawn. When thatch is too thick, gardeners can use rake to loosen and remove thatch from the lawn.

Lawn CARE AND MAINTENANCE tips, To maintain a lush, green lawn all season, it is best for gardeners to choose a seed mixture or turf made up of several varieties of grasses. Using a combination of grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass or tall fescue, assures that if one type of grass in the mix develops disease and turns brown, not all of the lawn will be affected. This means the lawn is likely to maintain its green color. Over-seeding the lawn using a mix of the newest varieties can help a gardener take advantages of the latest in disease and pest resistant grass seeds available.

Nanaimo turf, like other plants, require certain nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. To keep the lawn green adequate amounts of nitrogen is necessary, especially during the active growing season. For this reason, a lawn fertilization schedule can help ensure it is getting necessary nutrients, including nitrogen. In the spring, begin fertilizing the by spreading a slow-release, granule fertilizer on the lawn. This will provide steady supple of all the necessary nutrients for up to eight weeks. Slow-release fertilizer allow nutrients to become available over time and is less likely to cause fertilizer burn in the grass.

A common cause of brown patches of browning of the lawn is drought. Grass will turn brown and go dormant if water is scarce and temperatures are too hot. Gardeners can prevent browning and keep the lawn green by making sure it receives at least one inch of water per week when rainfall does not provide it. Water lawns deeply and infrequently and not lightly and often. Deep infrequent irrigation allows grass to develop a deep root system, which helps increase the lawns resistance to disease.

If a gardener needs a greener lawn for a special occasion, he or she can spray the lawn using a liquid fertilizer. These products have a fast acting nitrogen that stimulates bright green color for a couple of weeks. Wasn’t it easy to do Lawn Care and maintenance ?

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