Lawn Care and maintenance – Tips to keep it green

The lawn is the largest area of the landscape, and a lush, green lawn creates the perfect canvas for planting other plants, such as shrubs, ornamental trees and plants and flowerbeds as well as other landscape features. With the proper care, you can keep the lawn turf in Nanaimo green and healthy. Best Self Propelled lawn mower 2017 ( PickBestLawnMower  ) reviews, check it out.

Before a person can keep the lawn green, he or she needs to know what makes the lawn green, how to effectively do Lawn Care and maintenance. Green, healthy grass gets its deep, green color from chlorophyll that is produce by each blade of grass. When the lawn is a good green color, it means the grass is getting all the nutrients, moisture and oxygen it necessary for vigorous growth. The taller and thicker the grass grows, the greener it appears. Continue reading